High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

luni, 29 noiembrie 2010


OK, so I know this is no news for anybody, but I just have to say it. Today more than ever, for no particular reason, I do. I hate Monday.
I find it less and less appealing to wake up to go to work on Monday. Can't we just skip to Tuesday directly?At least then I'd know there's less days to wake up to go to work :))

Of late, no matter how awesome or quiet my weekend was, I find that on Monday mornings there is an extra load of sleep weighing on me and somehow I can manage to get rid of it no later than 10 AM, which results in a late arrival to work.

I am trying, really, doing my very best, but somehow, I find myself defeated by the almighty power of sleep and dire idleness every damn Monday!
With days getting shorter and light getting dimmer, sun turning a blind eye on us, I do find MONdays increasingly more annoying. It is then than I say, thank God for Garfield to spice up my slothfulness and give me a thumbs up on any guilt-free instance of it.