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vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

A guide to badger behavior


1. Badgers like to sleep. A lot. And when they do, they loathe to be bothered by anyone or anything.
2. Badgers act, well,....like badgers. As such, thou shall not ask for smiles or good spirits when someone is in badger mode. Being a badger is a serious and complicated business and they cannot waste precious time on trivial matters such as smiles.
3. Badgers muse extensively and dislike being bothered when they do that. If, however, you dare bother them with anything, make sure it is something of utmost importance to the badger logic, otherwise you may not get any answer whatsoever.
4. Badger thoughts and emotions are their own. As such, it is useless to ask them how they feel when in badger mode. It's pretty obvious and will not hear you repeat that question over and over again.
5. It is common knowledge that badgers do tend to pick on small details. It's a habit of theirs and they are very fond of it. Do not try to dissuade them from displaying it. It is useless at any rate. They shall do it again.
6. Thou shall not speak too loud or laugh too heartily in presence of a badger. Both are offences brought to common sense and badger ears.
7. It is very hard to get inside the badgers' circle of trust and very easy to get out.


1. Badgers are very loving, lovely, and lovable. Their rare smiles can light up a room.
2. Badgers are very honest and dependable. Once they give their word, you can be sure they will keep it.
3. Though not a common practice, badgers can put themselves off badger mode when they feel such a course of action is well-deserved.
4. Badgers are some of the best friends you can find, provided you observe their badger mode schedule.
5. Badgers have an acute sense of style. As such, do trust them when they say that does not match the other pieces of your attire.
6. Badgers do take good care of their loved ones.
7. Badgers always champion good causes and tend to go against mainstream behavior in this respect.

6 comentarii:

Ella spunea...

The badger in me would like to say hello to all ye other badgers out there! ;))

alecs spunea...

faina chestie. breath of fresh air

Cati spunea...

@Ella: Baaai, pai cum vine treaba asta: ugh, suntem si raci si bursuci? complicat, complicat cu uamenii astia...

@alecs: Multumesc, Alecs! U a badger too?

alecs spunea...

on occasion :)

oana spunea...

who's the badger in question?

Cati spunea...

@oana: Why? Sounds familiar?