High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

Have fun!

Still on my quest as to what makes one happy, I cannot help thinking one of the things to do in life most often is ultimately have fun doing what you do, whatever that is.

But then again, how can you always have fun no matter what you do? In practice this is harder than we may think coz we are mostly involved in "serious" stuff like going to work, driving, riding buses, paying bills...

And still, we CAN have fun WHILE doing all this routine business

Listening to your favorite song whilst caught in the daily traffic jams

Laughing with colleagues during lunch break

Making jokes with the stiff clerk taking care of your bills (and finding out that he/she's not that stiff and grouchy after all)

Looking at the blue sky, at the buildings, cats, dogs, streets, people that you leave behind as the bus hurries down past them on its well-trodden path

and well..actually a million ways to make your day be worthwhile :)

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