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miercuri, 3 decembrie 2008

Mondays Misery

Ok, this week I still hated Monday despite the fact it was a bank holiday and I did not go to work...However, I had to go back to good old Bucharest, so it still sucked:( At least this working week will be shorter, so it may have come in handy.

Now, for the fun part of manic Mondays, here's how this day of the week tortures other creatures:

Garfield's Monday Misery

2 comentarii:

Cristina Vintila spunea...

Mai..ce are rau daca pornesti compul?..nu inteleg. Nu bei, nu fumezi, ciocolata...da, mananci :D... Suma viciilor e constanta. Prefer sa stiu ca mananci ciocolata, mergi cu mine la concerte rock si te joci sau asculti muzica la computer.
Care este problema?

Cati spunea...

Ai dreptate...si intre timp mi-am cumparat baterii..deci am revenit la couch-potato status:))