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sâmbătă, 6 decembrie 2008

People who can't love?

I have been wondering for a great many years whether there really are people who are unable to love (and I mean love in any form, not just romantic love). The other day I found an interesting article on Internet which dwelt precisely on this topic. Here's an excerpt I found interesting:

People who are capable of loving treat others as if they are also capable of loving, whether they are or not. Many people today lack that ability or skill. They don’t understand or appreciate love because it has never been taught to them. They don’t know what love is because they have never experienced it. Too many people fit into this category, though we would like to believe otherwise.

If they believe we are capable of loving them, they may treat us as enemies. Worse, they may abuse us. What’s to be gained there?

An adult who has never experienced real love will have difficulty understanding love offered to them, will have problems receiving it and appreciating it. And most certainly will have great trouble returning it.

But the wall can be scaled, the problem overcome. Someone who experiences love for the first time as an adult will always have difficulty returning it consistently. Like a recovering addict, the recovering loveless will try and fail repeatedly, will always be a recovering loveless. But he will try again.

If we believe that an addict deserves to be given a chance to recover, then a person who has not experienced love should be given a chance to love and to be loved, a chance we would offer any addict. As with any kind of addiction, the recovering loveless needs consistent support from someone who understands. Someone who knows that he or she will "fall off the wagon," like any addict, but will try to get back on again if given the opportunity.

You, as someone who knows love, can give that opportunity.

We already have too many people in the world who do not know and have never known love. We need those who know love to share theirs before the loveless ones multiply.

And they will. Just look at how many people believe that war is the only way to achieve peace. They don’t know any other way.

You can show them.

What do you think? Is this true?

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Anonim spunea...

Hmmm, mi se pare ca internetul e intoxicat cu tot felul de articole in ziua de azi. Ce mi se pare grav e ca in foarte multe, exprimarea e elocventa, dar pornesc de la o idee gresita. Articolul pe care l-ai citat e ultima chestie peste care ar trebui sa dea oamenii sceptici in privinta capacitatii de a iubi a lumii din jur.

Acuma, sunt convins ca exista oameni care sunt incapabili de iubire, dar sunt niste anomalii. Eu cred ca majoritatea oamenilor au ocazia sa iubeasca macar o data in viata.

Cati spunea...

L-am expus doar ca un punct de vedere. Nu sunt de acord si nici nu-l contrazic.