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miercuri, 8 aprilie 2009

Who loves the ugly?

Some of us always seem to pass judgment on everything, to ponder every decision, watch their backs before making the slightest move, make scrupulous computations before deciding to give, balance pros and cons, trust nobody but themselves.

And still, I wonder, don't you ever tire of being so over-rational and measure everything based on facts and proof and tangible things?

Why can't we just give without asking nothing in return or without rationalizing our giving so much.

Not so long ago, I was told by somebody that they wanted to do some charity work and donate some money to some very ill people. However, they had to make a choice. To decide who was going to get their money from amongst a large number of equally desperate cases.

What makes you more eligible for a donation than others? The way you tell your story or...to put it differently, the way you or others market you? Ultimately, yes, that is one of the reasons that set you apart.

Do you look good? Are you a beautiful baby? Well, lucky you! Coz this way you stand greater chances to get the money. Another reason that sets you apart from the suffering masses.

It may be sad, but it's true. How many of you would choose the terminally ill ugly child over the beautiful one?

Or how do you pick a child you want to adopt? Surely you will not want to have an ugly, deformed child. Even if you are not the one giving birth to it, you still desire to have a cute, if not beautiful one.

Which of the puppies in the pound will your child choose? The lovely, cute, and fluffy one for sure, not the sad-looking, ugly pup.

However, if we keep choosing the beautiful ones, someone will naturally get stuck with the ugly. And then, will we love them for lack of choice?

Who loves the ugly ducks in the end? Another ugly duck?

Funny thing is their lack of beauty does not makes them less of a duck. They can still swim, eat, sleep, just as the other ones. So, then why does the better-looking duck get the upper hand?

Because this is the real world. And in here looks and marketing are part of the winning rules.

2 comentarii:

Catalin spunea...

It's just survival of the fittest, babe.
We don't have to be so dramatic about it.

Pana la urma suntem mamifere. Iar daca te uiti la documentare cu wild-life in Africa, o sa vezi acolo drama. Imi pare rau ca-s asa dur, dar suntem 7 miliarde de oameni, din care foarte putini aduc o contributie semnificativa pe lumea asta. :)

Cati spunea...

I know. Like I said, this is the real world.

Si totusi, ar trebui sa fim un pic deasupra aniumalelor nu? Doar suntem in varful lantului trofic cica...

Pai nu esti dur, e foarte adevarat ce spui. Si concluzia mea era realista.

Dar na, it's still unfair, ca multe alte lucruri pe lumea asta. We just have to deal with them.