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miercuri, 13 mai 2009

Killing choice

Luana approached a very sensitive issue, all the more sensitive nowadays when life is so hectic: suicide.

To me, killing yourself is killing your options. In choosing suicide, you make a definite choice and there is no turning back from that. Simply and bluntly because you are dead.

Irrespective of the reasons (and I am including here both selfless and selfish suicide), suicide is the end of choice. Because beyond death there is a big, scary darkness called the unknown. And somehow, in the unknown, choice does not exist. It stopped when you chose to go beyond life.

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Luana spunea...

Interesting perspective, the "killing of choice". I think people have trouble understanding death as a definite and irrevocable ending. Our mind cannot grasp what it has not experienced in one way or another, so suicide is pretty much a blank for us