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vineri, 28 noiembrie 2008

Brothers and sisters

I am an only child, so I never experienced the thrills of what having a brother/sister is all about.

The other day I was watching an episode from the House MD series. It was about a sick 4-year old who nobody could actually diagnose. In the end, in turned out his older brother ( 9 or something) had fed him extra vitamins to "make him stronger". So he had made his brother sick out of pure brotherly love, because he simply wanted to help him grow up faster. Now, from what I hear, this is a pretty unusual behavior as brothers do tend to bicker about all kinds of things all the time, and older brothers/sisters generally bully younger ones.

This episode reminded me how badly I wanted to have a bro/sis to share dreams with, exchange opinions, fight, hate, love, turn into an accomplice.

This is a side to life we, single children, never will experience, and maybe that will lead us to birth more than one baby, so we can enjoy at least through our children's eyes the joys of sibling relationships.

Now, all my life I wanted to have somebody to tell my little secrets as a child, to share with my childish treasures, chase around my grandmother's garden and the open fields. I wanted a sister so that I can pull her pigtails in jest while playing, defend when boys make fun of her, blame for something I did, run to when I feel sad and lonely, or a brother I can go for advice on guys, how to ride a bicycle, who can teach me to swim, side with me in front of others, beat the crap out of guys nagging me....

I know what you're gonna say...I never have to share stuff with anybody but myself and that's not so bad. Believe me, it's not as great as it sounds. I would have shared my piece of birthday cake anytime with my sister/brother if I had one, I would have covered up for her/him when she/he skipped school to get a date, held her when the SOB dumped her/bitch dumped him.

But then again, who knows how I would have really acted if I did have a brother/sister. I will never know, but here's a piece of advice from me to you people: treasure your siblings, no matter how good or bad they are, they are the only ones you've got!

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Anonim spunea...

One should cope with something they simply CANNOT change. There's no point having regrets over that. Personally, I'm lucky, because I have a sister. But at one point I used to be jealous on guys that have older brothers. That's because they had quick access to all the stuff that I had to learn on my own.
But seriously now.. there's no point in bitching about something like that. I will dig deeper into this subject in a future post on happiness(a new perspective that I was given after watching a ted.com video).

Cati spunea...

Well, first, I am not bitching about it. Second, as a guy who's got a sister, you would not know how it feels. And the fact that I am an only child does not make me unhappy. I was just trying to make a point and people like me will understand.