High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

marți, 11 noiembrie 2008

Merry little evening

It's so true life always has something surprising in store for you....just when you thought you saw it all and nothing more can catch you off guard, it happens. Something happens and you are back to the drawing board revisiting your creeds, rehashing all the things you thought were just one way possible...

Yes, indeed, maybe not everybody is essentially bad, like I use to think, maybe people are just afraid to be good or to show it so they don't get hurt. So my very firm philosophical thesis claiming that people are essentially, genetically bad and it is not society that makes them the sleazy social rats you stumble upon everyday, yes, my little thesis is seriously in danger...though I'm gonna hang on to it for a little more (since it very rarely proved me wrong, especially in this wicked town). NO, I don't hate people, not at all, I am just disappointed in them, and, unfortunately, that silver lining that I come across every now and then cannot clear it all.

Now, on a more joyful note, yesterday I managed to gather up all my enthusiasm and devise a (short, true) review on a play by my beloved Beckett(actually, four short plays...err, which one of his is long, anyway?) Felt like in the old days, when I was raving about the playwrights and poets I liked, making recommendations no one asked for....all because this seemed so natural to me...I mean...when you like something and that makes you happy...you may feel like telling that to the whole world.....even if you don't like it (the world).

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