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joi, 20 noiembrie 2008

My stand on love

As promised in a previous post, I am going to tell you how I see love, irrespective of the scientific bullshit and everybody else's opinion on it.

LOVE is to me that eerie sentiment that makes you feel on top of the world, that sensation telling you that somehow, you won't be able to take another breath if he's not there with you that very moment and makes your heart cringe when he's away. Sometimes, when you're in love, you have a physical sensation of pain and delight, all at once, you feel the blood boil in your veins and the need to reach for him, to make sure he's right there beside you. And when he sits there with you, it feels like everything around you dissolves and at some point, it's just you and him, out of time, place, and all knowledge

I don't know what it is to others but to me is the best thing in this world. If I never loved I would consider myself both heart and brain dead.

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Stefania spunea...

this isn't love, this is emotional dependency... The real love only makes you feel FREE.