High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

vineri, 14 noiembrie 2008

Sometimes, when there is just no silver lining....

You have to make your own!

Out of the billions of seconds of our existence, we take a couple out once in a while to ponder on the things we experience. How well did I do? Am I going too far? Is my life the way I imagined it? And after answering your questions, maybe it's time you did something about it. If you are miserable, deal with it or do something about it.

We are forever complaining about how our lives are disappointing and everything around us is so fucked up, yet we never do anything about it.
Honestly, life does not always make the choices for you, sometimes you have to make them yourself.

So, whenever you people feel down and you're in an "I hate-everything-but-me" mood, just remember that if you do not take the matter into your own hands and keep bitching about how this and that goes all wrong, nothing will ever change.

Drowning in your own misery has never got anyone anywhere (oh, it actually did, but I'm sure you don't wanna get there that soon)

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Anonim spunea...

I see what you're saying with this, but the proverb goes "Every cloud has a silver lining". I've come to master finding positive aspects even in the shittiest situations and I strongly advice everyone to do that.
Regarding the "I hate-everything-but-me" feeling: I think it's even more disruptive to one's life than the "I hate myself and everyone's doing better than me" feeling. They're both terrible attitudes, but at least you can turn the latter into something constructive.
One more thing. When you find yourself being bored and negative thoughts take over you, it's a good trick to have a couple of small activities that feel positive to you and are within reach. My activities are running or singing. This week I caught a cold, so I resorted to blogging. :)
Whatever you do, no matter how common it is, try and see it as a great thing that's adding to your life experience. It's all a matter of perception.