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marți, 25 noiembrie 2008

My plane and I

I sometimes perceive life as an endless sky, populated by a great many planes going God knows where. Each one of us rides his own plane and the better a pilot we are, the better we manage to avoid intercepting or getting intercepted by other planes.

The irony of the whole thing is that, although this is an endless sky, somehow, it is not endless enough for all the planes to fit in. So, we have to fight for our share of sky and take other planes down so that we get their share as well and move around more easily.

Now, there are a few who manage to drive their planes so skillfully that they do not need to take other planes down but simply meander through all the others. Now, where do all these planes go to? Definitely....somewhere. I have no idea where but the whole point is to stay in the air for as long as possible and cover as much sky as possible.

Now, for my plane, just like everybody, I've been flying around for a while, attempting not to get too much in the way of other planes, minding my own business. Then there were a few other planes that tried to shoot me down and I almost crashlanded. Then I managed to get my plane back on track, had to ram a few others, meander through the rest, and finally got some time to cover my sky at leisure.

I may not be much of a pilot, but i drive my plane safely enough. Never really taken down any planes, but I fear very soon I'll have to stop avoiding the other planes and start fighting for a larger patch of sky. Until that day comes, I'm still flying my plane leisurely through this neverending sky.

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