High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

luni, 16 februarie 2009

Questions and consequences

Why is it that we always think that we are right, that our ideas are the correct ones and that our memories are the ones that matter? Why can't we see things, at least sometimes, within the viewpoint of the other(s)? Why do we think that as long as we feel something, it is correct and there's no other way to feel it? Why are we so...one-sided and blind to the other(s) and care about our own needs, feelings and thoughts. And in expressing them do not take others into account. Why is it that what we think is always the most important one?

Most of the times, things are not black and white. There are always shades of gray, as long as we choose to notice them. Something that makes us happy can hurt others and that's how things are. We just have to learn to grasp the others better and consider that in doing something we like or deem correct and proper we might impact others (either in a positive or in a negative way).

However, it's never easy to grasp how others see it and how something we do or say may affect them. Coz in the end, we are only human, we make mistakes, and people forgive us. Or not. Whatever we do, we must always be ready to face the consequences of our actions. Because complete freedom always comes with complete responsibility.

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Stefania spunea...

I could answer you these questions, from my point of view.

All my life I was shy and anxious and afraid to tell what I thought and what I felt.

But now I cannot hold that anymore, because I feel I'm exploding...

when you see so much ignorance and injustice in this world, but you cannot act because you may hurt someone in the process, what should you do?

Exactly what I did last night with promoting that article...

I was having to take a decision, into a long term goal. I had to choose between:
- keep suffering alone and ignore what I wanted and wished/worked for for about some months, and
- accepting someone else's decision and his free will about that issue.

And... even if I was feeling terrible inside with a pain of my chest that I couldn't breath, I decided to do again MY WAY and not listen to the advices I received, even if, in other occasions when I did the same, the things headed into worse. I knew that I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing, but I couldn't ignore that pain.

And in the end, I did something good, at least that was the feeling I had when I went to sleep, and the pain disappeared.
Now I believe that everyone else is happy, but only because I did MY WAY and I trusted my intuition and my long-term vision.

... it's like sometimes you just have to risk... because you know that you cannot have some(thing) if you do not fight for (it).

... or maybe I'm fighting only with myself and my inner demons... in discovering the freedom to love.

Cati spunea...

My theory is (although i found it hard to put it into practice) that it's worth fighting for something as long as you see a purpose in that and if there are chances (even slight)you can get it

I have fought a losing battle for a long time. And in the end I realized sometimes you just need to know when and how to let go. And go pursue something else...

But then again this is just me :)

Stefania spunea...

how could you define the chances to get something?

in the end, we all only want peace of mind and soul...