High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

sâmbătă, 7 februarie 2009

Waiting too long

I'm not a very patient person. Garfield used to say "I learned that if you wait long enough, things will come to you." But then again, what can a lazy fat cat say but this? Truth is, the more you wait for things to come to you, the worse it is. And some things may just never come to you. Some things you just gotta get out there and grab. Fight for them. Fight for what you what. For what you think you deserve. For what you think that makes you happy. And in fighting for it, evolve.

I know somebody who's on his way to being a better person. Who's trying to find himself. The one he wants to be. I think that's what's important in life. Finding out what you want. What you like. What you believe in and what makes you go forward. Finding a direction. Whatever that may be. Coz once you find it, you're already on your way.

But just as well, sometimes, you need to learn patience. Because things won't come to you when you want them to. And they won't come to you however hard you fight for them. Not then. At that precise moment when you need it.

So, we need to learn when to wait and when to take action, when to be patient and when to just go out and take the bull by the horns. Again.

But if I learned something, is that waiting too long and fighting forever for things that you know deep down to be lost for good is just a waste of time. Sometimes, you just need to learn how to let go.

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Stefania spunea...

pai exact acolo e problema... uite am scris si eu ceva aici f asemanator, zic eu, desi poate tu nu te-ai referit la relatii :D


Catalin spunea...


Cati spunea...

Da, eu nu vorbeam neaparat de relatii, dar poate cel mai mult se aplica acolo.