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luni, 26 ianuarie 2009

Music is life at its best

There is always one thing that best defines me for the people who know me: music. I said that I live TO music, and that's no catchphrase to me. If I did not have music in my life, something would feel so wrong.

But why is it that we love music as much as we do? Maybe that's coz it makes our life easier at times, much more beautiful at others, but above all, it inspires us to go on. It gets us through the day. When you listen to a song you like, it's like for five minutes at least all your worries go away, you are where you want to be and who you want to be. You just get lost in it and put the world behind for a short while. And somehow, when you're back, things feel a little better, the hard things are a little lighter, the people around, a little nicer, and overall, life is just tastier.

Isn't music our best friend when we are alone and think everybody has deserted us? When we are afraid? Hurting? Devoid of hope or purpose? I may live to it, but there are some who live THROUGH it, who make of music a goal in itself, who want to go behind it and become part of it.

We may not all be lucky to live through music, to know its inside outs and form part of its neverending story, but I say we're still lucky to have it. Coz you know, music is always there for you. You just have to let it find you.

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Anonim spunea...

Pe Alexandrina
http://throughlifemusicandsounds.blogspot.com/2008/10/alexandrina-hristov-o-tori-amos-de.html ?

Catalin spunea...

This post is music to my ears. :)

Stefania spunea...

because music is emotion :)