High expectations imply utter happiness and bitter disappointment. May we all have both in our lives!

duminică, 11 ianuarie 2009

So what if

  • the world is completely getting out of tune sometimes? I am listening to my music and enjoying every moment
  • people are selfish and don't care a straw about the others? I am not like them
  • there are times when your heart breaks and your world is coming down? You pick up the pieces and prop it up again
  • I am growing up? Some part of me will always be a child
  • I make mistakes? I am only human
  • we have regrets? What matters is to outbalance them with happiness
  • one day this world will come to an end? We'll make a new one
  • there are days when you find it hard to breathe? The things I like are my oxygen
  • your computer shuts down when you least expect it? You can always power it up and get back to where you started
  • we have no time for us? We might find some for the others
  • you're having a bad hair day? Others are having a bad day, and that's worse
  • your car won't start? You can always walk and be thankful for that
  • one day I wake up hating everything but me? Tomorrow I will love everything
Anyone willing to share some what ifs, feel free to get them out of your system!

2 comentarii:

Catalin spunea...

So what if you decide that you hate what you're doing and you want to do something else? You can always create opportunities for new beginnings.

Cati spunea...

Hope you did not mean blogging. Although, as long as you do something else you like, what's the problem?